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Here’s your chance to try out the latest innovation in guest room bedding: an Ergomotion adjustable bed. Hotel guests can work, watch TV, and enjoy room service in a bed Powered by Ergomotion®. With a simple touch of a button, travelers can adjust their beds into the perfect position for better health and relaxation. Our signature ergonomic Zero G® preset increases circulation, and reduces pressure on the lower back and spine by elevating the legs above the heart. Don’t forget to turn on our bed’s massage presets to soothe away the aches and pains of travel. 


Be ahead of the curve

The flat rectangular hotel bed is a feature of the past. The Ergomotion adjustable sleep system reinvents the bed as the center of the guest room experience. Hotel visitors can rest, play, work on their tablets/laptops, and dream in unparalleled comfort and convenience. Join the growing list of visionary hoteliers set to redefine the most important aspect of the room: the bed, and the sleep experience itself.


We make it easy

Our world-class sales and customer support team make it easy to join our game-changing hospitality program. Contact us about our "Try It Before You Buy It" test program. We offer a complete set of services from consulting and ordering, to white glove delivery and in-room set-up. Your hotel can test a limited number of bases, with no obligation to purchase if you or your guests are not satisfied.

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Colin Roche - President Hospitality
Phone: 1-866-921-8231

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nirvana series

The Nirvana Series is Ergomotion’s new line of adjustable foundations created specifically for the hospitality industry. Designed in California and assembled in the USA, our bases offer the perfect combination of features and finishes to work within any hotel room setting.

Utilizing water resistant motors and a rechargeable battery, the ergochaise™ by Ergomotion offers the most comfortable poolside experience at the touch of a button. Find the perfect position to relax and enjoy the sun, all while charging your favorite USB device with our integrated USB charging station. The industry leading Sunbrella Marine cushions add elegance and comfort to a new amazing platform for pool side furniture.

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press releases

7/10/13 – Ergomotion partners with Denver Mattress Company

Ergomotion and Denver Mattress have teamed up to provide a much-needed upgrade to the hotel guest experience with the Ultimate Hospitality Sleep System. This groundbreaking system features Denver Mattress’s Platinum Plush mattress and the Nirvana Series adjustable bases, Powered by Ergomotion®. The “Try It Before You Buy It” program allows hotel guests to preview the adjustable bed experience featuring Ergomotion’s signature ergonomic Zero G preset and Denver Mattress’s alternating zoned coils and top-quality foam. The adjustable bed system transforms the hotel room experience by allowing the guest to adjust the bed’s position to his/her own preferred comfort zone. In addition, guests can also access three relaxing massage settings. All these features make the bed a focal point of the hotel experience – a place where guests can rest, play, and work on their tablets/laptops, while taking advantage of the myriad of health benefits offered by adjustable beds. The program provides a complete range of services, including specialized consulting and ordering, to white glove delivery and in-room set-up. Your hotel can receive and test a limited number of adjustable bed systems, with no obligation to purchase. This is a great marketing opportunity for any hotel brand to showcase a service emphasizing the most important aspect of the hotel room: the bed, and the guest’s sleep experience.

1/14/14 – Ergomotion adjustable base on Today show

The Serta Motion Custom adjustable bed, Powered by Ergomotion®, makes Today show CES top 10:

1/15/14 – Ergomotion in Hotel Business Magazine

Ergomotion is featured in the latest issue of Hotel Business Magazine.