Month: April 2018

Sleep Retailer Editors’ Pick

NEWS & PRESS Sleep Retailer Editors' Pick Author: Elaina Hundley Date: April 10, 2018 Cash-and-Carry Leaf Base Ergomotion's Leaf adjustable base epitomizes the ease of use and versatility for which the company is known. Complete with wireless remote, head and foot controls, multiple pre-sets) Zero G, Flat and programmable pre-sets), this sporty motion base is lightweight and... Read more »

Marketing Support for Retailers

NEWS & PRESS Marketing Support for Retailers Author: Ergomotion Date: April 10, 2018 On Demand POP Ergomotion is highlighted in a recent article from Furniture Today, discussing new developments: "In the fast-growing adjustable bed category, Ergomotion will unveil a package of post-consumer-sale services that takes the burden of delivery, set up and service away from retailers. In addition to... Read more »

Ergomotion Announces ‘Club Ergo’ Loyalty Program

NEWS & PRESS Ergomotion Introduces 'Club Ergo' Loyalty Program Author: Jane Chero Date: April 17, 2018 Club Ergo Loyalty Program California based, sleep technology specialist Ergomotion is unveiling a loyalty program for its retail partners, that offers personalized marketing and social media support. Club Ergo offers members a selection of benefits, ranging from discounted floor samples to customized point-of-purchase materials,... Read more »

Ergomotion Aims to Relieve Retail ‘Pinch Points’

NEWS & PRESS Ergomotion Aims to Relieve Retail "Pinch Points" Author: David Perry Publication: Furniture Today Date: April 17, 2018 The Pinch Points In a step designed to remove what it calls “the pinch points” of selling more advanced sleep technology, adjustable bed base producer Ergomotion has created a package of post-consumer-sale services. The services, designed to take... Read more »