About Ergomotion

As the global leader in adjustable base innovation and manufacturing, Ergomotion continues to grow into a new era of sleep wellness with endless possibilities. Since our 2006 beginnings in sunny Santa Barbara, we have led the charge in designing, testing, and delivering market-first adjustable base technology for millions of customers worldwide. Our portfolio of WellTech sleep solutions provides balance to body, mind, and spirit while leveraging smart home AI and digital integrations inspired by our tech coast heritage.

We have over a decade of experience helping increase retailers’ profitability through sleep health integrations, and we continue to drive results today by partnering with top names in sleep wellness, fitness tech, and health tracking technology.

Our Reach

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and warehouses in China, Vietnam, Mexico, and Lithuania, we’re designing human-centered sleep solutions for everyone. Our global supply chain and robust inventory warehouses can support shipping to almost any country and city, where stores are located. And with over 500 patents across 15 countries, you can be confident knowing exclusive Ergomotion-branded products will outperform the competition, in any market.

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Global design headquarters
Santa Barbara, CA

Manufacturing facilities

Supply warehouses
North America

Design patents
North America
South America
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Our Specialty v2

Our Specialty

We operate the largest state-of-the-art adjustable base manufacturing facility in the world. Our Ergomotion Certified Adjustable Bases offer comprehensive functional validation on 100% of finished goods to test form, fit, and function.

With our global supply chain, we’re able to ensure exceptional quality and responsiveness while maintaining optimized output around the world. As demand for adjustable bases continues to grow, our large-scale production centers are ready and equipped to scale with it.

Our Purpose

Provide pathways to better health and wellbeing through restorative sleep

Develop smarter, digital-first solutions that enhance sleep performance and sleep confidence

Transform the bedroom into an at-home ecosystem for holistic wellness

Design the future of sleep

Our Team

At Ergomotion, our success comes from every team member working together to maximize customer satisfaction