May 4, 2022

The Adjustable Bed Makeover: Then and Now



The adjustable bed base has come a long way since its introduction in the 1900s. First introduced as the Gatch bed and often used in hospitals and convalescent care facilities, the adjustable base has evolved in its style, technology and use.

But what has changed since then? And how has Ergomotion been a part of this evolving industry?

From manual to modern

In their earliest days, adjustable beds had cranks at the foot of the bed to give caregivers the ability to adjust them up and down. With the invention of electrical units and automation, adjustable beds made the leap from manual to modern all with the touch of a button. Modern push-button hospital beds were invented in 19451, allowing for advances in the typical hospital bed.

From hospital to home comfort

Over the years, as the need for better sleep and comfort at home were being sought2, Ergomotion started to explore how much more a bedroom could be. With silent-drive motors, wired and wireless remotes for easy adjustability, and programmable presets, Ergomotion continues to innovate when it comes to adjustable bed bases — transforming the bedroom into a sanctuary and retreat. That innovation also extends to the aesthetics of these bases, which have been thoughtfully designed to accommodate the industry’s leading mattresses and integrate seamlessly with most existing bed frames.

The evolution of luxury

From their humble beginnings as three-segment adjustable beds with crank adjust to today’s advanced models, adjustable bed bases have come to embrace modern conveniences and features. Ergomotion has expanded on modern-day luxuries to include everything from Zero G to head/foot articulation, to massage motors and multiple presets — even voice activation on select models. Ergomotion has thought of everything to turn your bedroom into your best room.

Ergomotion will continue to lead the charge in adjustable bed base evolution — infusing smart tech into its collection of ergonomically designed, customized wellness solutions.

2“Ergomotion Survey,” 9th Wonder, March 2021.

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