DreamTech Radio Spotlight Series Starring Shae Gentry

Behind the scenes

DreamTech Radio Episode 7 : Spotlight Series Shae Gentry

Ergomotion’s DreamTech Radio is a show about all things adjustable bed base related, including design, manufacturing, sales, current trends, and more.

In this episode, is a conversation with Shae Gentry, Director of Supply Chain at Ergomotion.

Shae started his career in the home delivery market, with his own delivery business. He grew from one truck, to a whole team, and was the acquired by a third party logistics company. He then moved into corporate management roles at companies such a Sony and Playstation. He has experience architecting international supply chain framework, optimizing domestic distribution centers, and much more.

In this interview we cover a variety of topics, including supply chain trends in the furniture industry, notable innovations at large companies such as Amazon, practical technology use in the distribution industry, and more!

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