Expanding Category Appeal

Ergomotion has recently been featured in an article by Furniture Today about repositioning bed bases to increase the appeal of adjustable beds. This article is shown below.

Three New Adjustable Base Categories

Ergomotion is aiming to redefine the adjustable bed base category with the introduction of three new product categories, none of which use the term “adjustable” in their titles.

The producer, based here, says the new categories – Motion Bedroom Furniture, Active Motion Bases and Sport Motion Bases – are designed to empower retailers to deliver more personalized and customized adjustable based experience to their customers.

Officials say the new branding initiative help the retailer change the conversation with the customer from: “Is an adjustable base right for you?” to “Which adjustable base right for you?”

Motion Bedroom Furniture

Motion Base Furniture is a new category of products tailor to the needs of furniture retailer, Ergomotion officials say. The flagship product is The Element, which the company says is “barely the height of playing card.” It fits between the mattress and the base. The Element has a zero clearance design, which means it can be placed on bases that have underbed storage, which are the more popular bases sold, the company said.

“What Motion Bedroom Furniture offers to the furniture retailer is the opportunity to increase the average bedroom set ticket with no change in what’s in the bedroom set display,” said Gui Peres, Ergomotion’s director of global sales. “For new retail customers, once the sales associate sells the bedroom set, they can them easily add motion to that bedroom set by educating the customer on the benefit and comfort that come with adding motion.”

In addition, he said, the category offers retailers the opportunity to add value to bedroom sets that have already been sold and delivered. Motion Bedroom Furniture provides a way to get the customer back in the retail showroom to see something new, Peres said.

“For new retail customers, once the sales associate sells the bedroom set, they can then easily add motion to that bedroom set by educating the customer on the benefits and comfort that come with adding motion.” -Gui Peres

Active Motion Bases

Active Motion Bases are another new product category, Peres continued. Ergomotion’s lead product in this category is the Contour series. Those bases feature proprietary Extension Deck technology.

Designed for mattress and bedding retailers, the Active Motion bases offer a way to personalized and customized the adjustable base experience, officials said.

Active motion bases actively optimize the shape of the mattress when in an elevated position, allowing users to rest more naturally and comfortably. As the head section rises, the platform extends, moving toward the wall, allowing the mattress to contour to the angle of the base and reducing any bridging or compression of the mattress. Less compression of the mattress means less compression on the user’s midsection, resulting in a level of comfort well beyond that of ordinary adjustable bases, Peres said.

Sport Motion Bases

Sport Motion Bases is another product category that helps the retailers deliver personalized and customized solutions, the company says. The Leaf is Ergomotion’s flagship Sport Motion base, and like sports cars, these bases are “sporty.” The Leaf is a DIY, cash-and-carry solution- an adjustable base-in-a-box solution – that will fit in the back of most SUV’s. It is light enough that the customer can roll the box out of the store, load it into the car and enjoy it that same day, the company said.

The Leaf is an attractive product for big box and online retailers and for other retailers who have customers who want that DIY, take it home today and enjoy it tonight experience, the company said.

Given the continued grow of the category, it’s clear that mattress and bedding retailers will also have a good number of customers who are open to purchasing an adjustable base and who are more traditional in their desires. For the customers, retailers can offer Ergomotion’s Adjustable Bases. This category includes a new product, the Essence, which offers most-desired features in a UPS-deliverable package, officials said.

Voice Controlled Bases

Ergomotion notes that many consumers want to integrate popular voice-control or voice-activated applications into their bedrooms. This desire cuts across age groups, and retailers need to be able to offer that functionality to their customers.

Ergomotion has integrated voice-control/voice-activation capability (such as integration with Amazon Alexa) into its bases. And it also has other initiatives in this area that will give retailers the ability to offer a high-tech experience to customers, officials said.