Four Ways to Setup an Adjustable Base


Setting Up Your Base

You can place the base by itself, either standing on the legs or sitting on the floor. Our bases are zero clearance, so they allow the head and foot of the base to be articulated without the mechanisms underneath the base extending below the frame.

You can use a headboard, with the base sitting on the legs. Most of our bases are compatible with headboard brackets which allow the user to attach their own headboard to the base.

The base can be placed in a standalone bed frame. If the standalone bed frame has slats, the adjustable base can sit, without legs, on the slats of the bed frame. If the standalone bedframe does not have slats, the adjustable base can sit in the middle of the bedframe (using its own legs for support) while the headboard, footboard and side rails surround the base.

On a platform bed frame. Again, because our bases are zero clearance, they can sit on top of a platform base and articulate freely without the mechanisms interfering with the platform.