The Lighter Side of Adjustable Bases

Ergomotion was recently featured in an article by BedTimes about innovations at the 2018 Las Vegas Winter Market. Ergomotion has “made bases lighter and easier for consumers to use,” according to Bed Times Magazine.

On the lighter side, the Leaf (pictured) weighs 130 pounds and is a cash-and-carry option that fits inmost vehicles. On the easier side, what could be simpler than controlling a motion base with your voice? The new Active Motion base is controlled with Amazon’s Alexa.

Tech That Tucks You In

With voice-activated commands emerging as an important technology, we are excited to debut the Amazon Alexa integration with our adjustable beds.

This time-saving feature makes the sleep experience hands-free and paired with other Alexa activities, such as purchasing online items, listening to podcasts, and more.

As a sleep technology company, we strive to keep our finger on the pulse of emerging tech trends to provide increasingly valuable sleep solutions.