Club Ergo

Ergomotion was recently featured by Sleep Retailer in an article about trends from the 2018 Spring High Point Market. The media discussed market trends with Ergomotion officials, concentrating on the benefits of the company’s loyalty program.

Seeking to provide retailers with a complete support program, Ergomotion developed its Club Ergo program. The brand spotlighted this program at the spring High Point Market. Members of the ‘club’ receive a full slate of benefits including discounted floor samples, cash back bonuses, free POP, discounted seasonal and promotional POP, co-op funding with select product packages, inclusion in special events at market, first looks at new products, early bird pricing and more.

“The company has further enhanced these benefits with a newly launched post-sale support program. By covering all post-sale logistical details, including white glove delivery service and set up along with warranty services, Ergomotion allows retailers to focus on selling the products and increasing their bottom lines.”

Motion Bedroom Furniture

With advanced adjustable features and an easy-to-integrate design, Ergomotion’s Motion Bedroom Furniture line-up is an ideal option for both furniture and mattress retailers alike.

The line includes the company’s three-model Element collection, which delivers all the functionality of an adjustable base in an extra-slim design. Because of its unique shape, the Element can be easily integrated into any existing bed frames or bedroom sets.

Not only is this a selling point for consumers, it also gives furniture retailers a valuable add-on opportunity that does not require them to displace any of the products on their showroom floors.

“For mattress retailers who are interested in offering this powerful adjustable base, Ergomotion recently developed the Slim: a new version of the Element base that includes legs so that it can be showcased on its own. Additionally, the Slim’s thin design means that more units can fit in each container – making shipment efficient and less costly”.

Features & Innovation

Ergomotion also debuted the new “Sonic Massage” feature at the spring market. While standard massage features can be shaky or noisy, this new unit uses an advanced sound wave technology in order to deliver a relaxing massage feel without the rattling vibration.

By developing more meaningful adjustable features and offering more choice to the consumer, Ergomotion continues to help its retail partners maintain high margins in an increasingly commodified category.