Ergomotion Expands and Introduces New Product Line


Ergomotion Repositions its Bases

Ergomotion is aiming to redefine the adjustable bed base category with the introduction of three new product categories, none of which use the term “adjustable” in their titles.

Ergomotion officials state that the new categories — Motion Bedroom Furniture, Active Motion Bases and Sport Motion Bases — are designed with purpose directed to retailers.

All three collections were created to empower retailers to deliver more personalized and customized adjustable base experiences to their customers.

The Motion Bedroom category is one of three Ergomotion uses to identify the adjustable bed bases.

Shifting the Adjustable Bed Base Conversation

Ergomotion executives say the new branding initiatives help the retailer change the conversation with the customer from:

Is an adjustable right for you”? to “Which adjustable base is right for you?”

Motion Bedroom Furniture’s flagship product is the Element, which the company says is “barely the height of a playing card” and fits between the mattress and the base.

Innovative Product Lines

Active Motion Bases are led by Ergomotion’s Contour series. Those bases feature proprietary Extension Deck technology and offer a way to personalize and customize the adjustable base experience, officials said.

The Leaf is Ergomotion’s flagship Sport Motion base, and like sport cars, these bases are “sporty.” The Leaf is a DIY, cash-and-carry solution — an adjustable base in a box solution — that will fit in the back of most SUVs.