Ergomotion Hosts Elementary Exchange Program


International Curriculum

This summer, several families from Ergomotion’s parent company, Keeson, participated in a two-week inter-session summer exchange program through Norton Elementary School.

The small group of students from Jiaxing, China were hosted in San Bernardino, California and engaged in this multidisciplinary learning program. The curriculum was created to demonstrate lessons learned in STEM teaching, create an international project-based learning (PBL) initiative, and further the ongoing global initiative towards STEM learning. This initiative has the support of businesses both in China and the United States, and furthers an ongoing dialogue in support of student learning.

Warehouse Visit

The program ended with a visit to an Ergomotion distribution center in Redlands, California. The class was given a tour, and watched the inner workings of the warehouse. They learned about processes for storing and shipping large product, and spent hands-on time with a bed base. They concluded the day with a question-and-answer session, exploring some of the complexities of international product distribution.