Motion Bedroom Furniture Expansion at Las Vegas Market

Health & Wellness

The Contour Pure Slim

The Contour Pure Slim features Extension Deck technology, in which the deck extends as the head of the bed raises. This minimizes mattress bridging and reduces compression of the sleeper’s midsection.

“The Contour Pure Slim provides retailers with a unique product to present to consumers that deliver benefits simply not found in other bed bases on the market,” said Johnny Griggs, chief operating officer. “It’s ideal for both bedding specialty stores and the bedding departments of home furnishings stores.”

In addition to the Extension Deck technology, the base has head and foot articulation can move to the zero-gravity position and needs no clearance space for the wall. Its wireless remote includes a one-touch button that restores the bed to a flat position and has two programmable presets

Compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, the Contour Pure Slim also includes more than 25 cubic feet of under-bed storage space.

“The cutting-edge technology in the Contour Pure Slim makes this new product saleable to all demographic groups,” said Griggs. “Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers will all find that it helps them stay healthy by getting a better night’s sleep.”


The Motion Pure

The Motion Pure, featuring head and foot adjustability, fits between the mattress and the bed frame, and is suitable for those who want to watch TV, view their smartphone or tablet, lounge or read their favorite book. Its wireless remote includes a one-touch button that returns the bed to the flat position, and the unit won’t take up under-bed storage space or interfere with bed slats and support rails.

“Motion Pure, which was inspired by our best-selling adjustable base, gives furniture retailers an easy entry into to the motion bedroom furniture category,” said Griggs. “It can increase the bedroom furniture sales ticket with no additional floor space.” The Motion Pure has a clean, minimal design and “gives furniture retailers the opportunity to add a very desirable feature to best-selling bedroom sets without changing the look of the furniture,” said Griggs. “The aesthetic of our motion bedroom furniture is neutral, so it doesn’t detract from the bedroom set.”