Nine Ways Ergomotion Adjusts to Your Lifestyle

When you go to bed at night, do you turn out the light, crawl directly into bed and fall immediately asleep? How about the next morning? Do you spring out of bed the moment the alarm clock goes off? If not, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, Ergomotion research shows that 85% of survey respondents watch television, stream content or play videogames in bed. And while Ergomotion adjustable bases can certainly help you find your perfect position for a good night’s rest, they also offer lifestyle benefits that won’t put you to sleep out of sheer boredom in the meantime. Here are a few of our favorites!

Settle In for TV Time

Catching the nightly news or watching your favorite TV series is even better with your head, shoulders and knees elevated at just the right angle. You’ll even find voice-activated TV Time settings on select models to help you settle in for your favorite programs.

Cozy Up With a Good Book

Features like the Active Head Tilt and Lumbar Support settings on our Quest 4.0 model were made for page-turning — with no elaborate pillow-propping required.

Make It Your Go-To Gaming Station

Whether you’re building virtual empires or slaying digital dragons, an Ergomotion adjustable base makes a comfortably supportive alternative to couches, office chairs or beanbags.

Have a (Spill-Resistant) Sip

Wake up or wind down with your favorite beverage, with adjustable head and foot articulation to make your morning coffee or nightcap easier to enjoy in bed.

Get Into and Out of Bed More Easily

Strenuous workouts, injuries and chronic conditions can make it more difficult to get into bed each night and back out again the next morning. Raising the head of your bed first is a great way to ease the transition.

Try This Bed-Making Hack

With a little creativity, Ergomotion adjustable bases can even enhance your quality of life even before you hop into bed. Just elevate the head and foot when it’s time for fresh linens for less bending, stooping and struggling while you strip the bed and add a fresh fitted sheet — then return it to the flat position with one touch.

Indulge Your Sense of Style

Each adjustable base in our Quest line can be used three ways — as a stand-alone bed right out of the box, a style-neutral base that drops easily into most bed frames, or a platform-friendly base with removable legs.

Meditate, Lounge, or Just Be

Once you’ve found the perfect position, treat yourself to the gentle massage of our soothing Relaxation Mode feature.

Create Your Own Experience

The lifestyle benefits of an Ergomotion adjustable base are yours to discover — and create! What are some of your favorites? Let us know on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram.