Initial Steps

In a recent article from Furniture Today, Ergomotion’s Account Specialist, Ryan King offers techniques for selling adjustable bases. King discusses how to initiate the sale and the importance of demonstrating the product. Two excerpts from the article “9 Basics for Making a Sale“, provide insider tips to furniture and bedding retailers.

Planting the Seed

Some RSAs like to introduce the option of an adjustable bed early on, so the consumer can factor it into their sleep system decisions right from the start. Others prefer to focus first on finding the right mattress and pillows for the consumer, then introducing the option of an adjustable base as an additional way to enhance the sleep experience.

In either approach, the demo is the key element. For Ryan King, account manager, bedding for Ergomotion’s Eastern U.S. channel, the prime time to introduce the subject of adjustable beds – which he prefers to call “‘motion bases” or “lifestyle bases” – is early In the mattress sales pitch. A lot or RSAs think about motion base as an attachment or an accessory and wait until the end of the sale to bring it up.

A better approach, says King, is to position the motion base as another integral element for the consumer to consider as they shop to find the right sleep system for their sleep, lifestyle and health needs. That puts the adjustable base on equal footing with the mattress as a means of achieving quality sleep. If an RSA at least mentions an adjustable at the beginning of the conversation, King said, the stage is set easily for exploring the topic in more depth later. Additionally, pricing often becomes less of an issue.

“When I was selling at retail, I liked to greet the consumer by saying something like this: b”How long has It been since you’ve shopped for a mattress’” said King. If the answer is eight to 15 or more years, as it is for most consumers, King would say, “That’s a long time. A lot has changed during that period. Let me show you how the world is sleeping today.” At that point, after asking a few other basic qualifying questions about sleep habits and needs, the RSA should take the consumer to one of the store’s premium sleep systems, with an adjustable base and quality mattress, and begin the testing the process.

The Power of the Demo

Once the consumer is lying down, the RSA has a golden opportunitiy to quickly demonstrate the advantages of a power base. The RSA can ask questions such as “What do you do for a living?”, King suggested. “Whatever their response, they are likely to say they have some tension in their necks or back or achiness in their legs or feet.”

Armed with that information, the RSA can then show the consumer how a power base can be precisely adjusted to reduce pressure and deliver relief. Putting the consumer in the “zero gravity” position – with the body at a 120-degree angle and knees slightly raised – is the most effecitve way to bring an adjustable bed’s benefits quickly to life.

“I would ask them to close their eyes and relax as I adjust the surface, and to tell me when the tension in their lower back goes away. Once they feel that change, and then go back to lying flat, a traditional foundation no longer measures up.”

When showing adjustables, King recommends RSAs provide the consumers with three good-better-best options, stating:

Starting with the “best”, [allows the consumer] to see the range of features available. Then, if there are features they don’t want, or the price isn’t right, show them a few other options in the good-better range.

RSA Training Series

Ryan discusses this topic in depth with colleague Paris Fealy in Ergomotion’s RSA Training Series on YouTube.