Episode 1: Principles of Selling

How to Sell Adjustable Beds

In the first episode of Ergomotion’s Dream Tech Radio, we hear the beginning of a four-part training series for retail sales associates.

This series highlights portions of a conversation between two industry veterans, Paris Fealy and Ryan King.

This episode focuses on general principles of adjustable bed base selling, ranging in topics from simply bringing up the adjustable in your pitch, to top-down selling, asking qualifying questions and more.

Here’s a breakdown of the topics:

  • Science Vs Art – 00:49
  • Top Down Selling – 02:25
  • Retailer Benefits – 04:01
  • Qualifying Questions – 06:30
  • Common Misconceptions with Adjustable Beds – 08:52
  • Proper Terminology – 10:07
  • Motion Bedroom Furniture – 11:48

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