Beginning of the Sale; Episode 2

How to Sell Adjustable Beds

In this episode of DreamTech Radio, we hear the second installation of the four-part training series for retail sales associates.

This episode focuses on techniques for the beginning of your adjustable bed base sale. Paris and Ryan cover several topics, including selling a sleep system, using the Step Up methodology, mattresses that are compatible with adjustable bed bases, and more!

Here is a breakdown of the topics:

  • Bringing Up The Base – 00:53
  • Beginning Questions – 03:01
  • Selling Sleep System – 04:57
  • Preconceived Notions – 05:55
  • Step Up – 08:21
  • Building Rapport – 12:15
  • Appropriate Mattresses – 15:17
  • Addressing Side Sleepers – 16:38

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