How Side Sleepers Can Find Sleep in an Adjustable Bed


What Causes Side Sleeping?

The answer is not entirely clear as to why people sleep on their sides. Some hypothesize that the anatomy of the esophagus and stomach acid plays a role in sleeping styles. When laying on the side, certain visceral muscles are relaxed, which leads to increased comfort. The acid stores are also elevated to a position that helps reduce heart burn, leading to easier sleep and more rest.

Improving Side Sleep

Side sleepers often have trouble finding a comfortable position on a flat bed. Extra pillows can help prop the head and legs for proper breathing posture, but this is a temporary solution. Even a small amount of articulation in an adjustable bed base can improve spinal alignment. Better spinal alignment helps relax muscles, leading to less stiffness after waking in the morning. This alignment also creates better and more efficient breathing. Together, this all helps promote more restful night’s sleep.