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Sleep Retailer Editors’ Pick

NEWS & PRESS Sleep Retailer Editors' Pick Author: Elaina Hundley Date: April 10, 2018 Cash-and-Carry Leaf Base Ergomotion's Leaf adjustable base epitomizes the ease of use and versatility for which the company is known. Complete with wireless remote, head and foot controls, multiple pre-sets) Zero G, Flat and programmable pre-sets), this sporty motion base is lightweight and... Read more »

Marketing Support for Retailers

NEWS & PRESS Marketing Support for Retailers Author: Ergomotion Date: April 10, 2018 On Demand POP Ergomotion is highlighted in a recent article from Furniture Today, discussing new developments: "In the fast-growing adjustable bed category, Ergomotion will unveil a package of post-consumer-sale services that takes the burden of delivery, set up and service away from retailers. In addition to... Read more »

Ergomotion Announces ‘Club Ergo’ Loyalty Program

NEWS & PRESS Ergomotion Introduces 'Club Ergo' Loyalty Program Author: Jane Chero Date: April 17, 2018 Club Ergo Loyalty Program California based, sleep technology specialist Ergomotion is unveiling a loyalty program for its retail partners, that offers personalized marketing and social media support. Club Ergo offers members a selection of benefits, ranging from discounted floor samples to customized point-of-purchase materials,... Read more »

Ergomotion Aims to Relieve Retail ‘Pinch Points’

NEWS & PRESS Ergomotion Aims to Relieve Retail "Pinch Points" Author: David Perry Publication: Furniture Today Date: April 17, 2018 The Pinch Points In a step designed to remove what it calls “the pinch points” of selling more advanced sleep technology, adjustable bed base producer Ergomotion has created a package of post-consumer-sale services. The services, designed to take... Read more »

Innovation at Las Vegas Market Winter 2018

NEWS & PRESS Innovation at Las Vegas Market Winter 2018 Author: Ergomotion Date: March 29, 2018 The Lighter Side of Adjustable Bases Ergomotion has "made bases lighter and easier for consumers to use," according to Bed Times Magazine. On the lighter side, the Leaf (pictured) weighs 130 pounds and is a cash-and-carry option that fits inmost... Read more »

RSAs: Selling Adjustable Bases 101

NEWS & PRESS Selling Adjustable Beds 101 Author: Ergomotion March 26, 2018 Initial Steps In a recent article from Furniture Today, Ergomotion's Account Specialist, Ryan King offers techniques for selling adjustable bases. King discusses how to initiate the sale and the importance of demonstrating the product. Two excerpts from the article "9 Basics for Making a... Read more »

Ergomotion Expands and Introduces New Product Line

NEWS & PRESS Ergomotion Continues to Expand, Introducing New Product Lines Author: Furniture Today Date: March 26, 2018 Ergomotion Repositions its Bases Ergomotion is aiming to redefine the adjustable bed base category with the introduction of three new product categories, none of which use the term "adjustable" in their titles. Ergomotion officials state that the new categories —... Read more »

The Outlook for Adjustable Bed Bases in 2018

NEWS & PRESS The Outlook for Adjustable Bed Bases in 2018 Author: David Perry Date: March 26, 2018 Strong Sales Growth with Adjustable Beds Leading adjustable bed base suppliers see a strongth growth year for their category in 2018. The producers cite a long list of reasons for their optimistic predictions, including a track record of... Read more »