who is ergomotion?

At Ergomotion, we want people to love to work.

As an energetic team made up of highly-skilled, creative professionals, we thrive in a well-organized, inspired environment. We push ourselves to be the best in every role - from our executives to our customer service center.

Being a local Santa Barbara company has a lot to do with our mindset. The California lifestyle is all about appreciating life - so why should work be stuffy or uptight? Instead, we foster an active, engaged way of working and living. You can spot us commuting between our three downtown Santa Barbara locations on one of our company beach cruisers. You'll see us involved in local events and community causes. We're out and about with our families, sharing drinks with friends on the beach, and enjoying the energy and diversity of our community. We're having fun.

And we like being on top of our industry because of our values. Since our company started in 2005, we've stayed true to our design, quality and ethics. It's what makes us successful. It's what makes us happy.

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ergomotion design

To us, design is about honesty. So here's the truth: We design what people want. And we delight in finding design solutions for the many challenges in our industry.

Our product is not just an adjustable base - it's a component that integrates ideas. So we hired young talents with the best ideas in the business. We brought in designers and engineers trained in the high intensity demand and innovation of Detroit's automobile industry. With their visual expertise, education, and fresh new take on product development, we know we're taking design to the next level.

The Ergomotion bed base design combines ergonomic support, innovation, fine furniture aesthetics, and a deep commitment to quality service. We're way beyond the flat bed box spring model and the traditional bedroom setup. Take a close look at our team and what we produce: we design for the future.

Director of Product Development Joseph Ermalovich
Assistant Design Engineer Joey Krueger