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Smart home automations should be a click away. Learn more about our Connected Bed App coming soon.

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Complete Your Smart Home Journey

You’ve waited too long for integrated sleep tech that works together with your favorite smart home devices. With the Connected Bed App, you can enjoy truly integrated smart home automations, or create new automations of your own.

The App is Your New Remote, and More

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No fumbling through complicated command screens or confusing interfaces. Use the Ergomotion Connected Bed App to make basic adjustments, toggle the massage, and activate quick presets. The perfect position for sleeping, reading or watching TV is just a click away.

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Wake Up Smart

Wake Up Smart

Using our Rise to Wake automation, your bed will raise at a set time while activating and opening your Hunter Douglas blinds to help wake you.

Chill Out Smart

Chill Out Smart

Automate your Smart Bed and your Sonos speaker, turn a quiet hour into a wellness hour filled with soothing sounds, and a light massage to relax your mind.

Prepare for Bed Smart

Prepare for Bed Smart

Use your Connect Bed App to toggle bedtime functions that turn down your Hue lights, start a massage, and gently release your bed to flat position.

Quiet Nite: The Anti-Snore Solution

Let your Connected Bed app help you find some peace and quiet. With Quiet Nite, you will get an anti-snore automation that tracks intensity of your snoring and adjusts your bed to ensure your head is sufficiently elevated.

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Rise to Wake: Find Your Perfect Morning

Create the morning routine of your dreams with a simple automation that raises your bed in place of your alarm clock. No more rude awakening – start smart every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is IFTTT and how does it work?

IFTTT is a software platform that helps you connect all of your different apps and devices so they work seamlessly together. People use IFTTT to “teach” their smart home devices to carry out certain behaviors when certain actions are triggered. For example, some people might use IFTTT to teach their Amazon Alexa to turn off all house lights when the clock hits 11pm. See a list of similar integrations on the IFTTT Website.

Q:Is there an extra cost or subscription fee for IFTTT?
Q:Which Ergomotion products can be integrated with Smart Home devices?

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