May 15, 2018

Ergomotion Develops and Launches DreamTech Radio

DreamTech Radio and RSA Training Series

Ergomotion has recently been featured in an article by Furniture World, highlighting the DreamTeach Radio podcast and RSA Training video series. The article appears below.

RSA Support

Sleep technology specialist Ergomotion recently announced that it is launching a series of podcasts and videos that highlight the adjustable bed sales process for retail sales associate. The series, part of Ergomotion’s larger multimedia informational and educational initiative on adjustable bases called DreamTech Radio, also includes YouTube videos, a dedicated Facebook group and blog posts summarizing each podcast and video.

The training series is centered around conversations between two of Ergomotion’s most experienced sales people, Vice President of Sales Paris Fealy, and Ryan King, a former bedding retail store manager who now oversees Ergomotion sales to the bedding channel on the East Coast. The two discuss general principles of selling and the specific sales process for adjustable bed bases.

Principles of Selling Adjustable Beds

“Many consumers believe an adjustable bed base is only for older people or those with health problems, but this training series gives retail sales associates the tools they need to shred that myth,” said Johnny Griggs, chief operating officer at Ergomotion. “This material shows how to demonstrate that our product can help anyone get a better night’s sleep, regardless of age or health status.”

The basic content is a four-part series of conversations between Fealy and King, with separate segments covering general selling principles, and the beginning, middle, and end of the adjustable bed base sale. The segment covering the beginning of the sale includes tips on how to introduce the adjustable base into the conversation and address any preconceived ideas about the product, while the segment covering the middle of the sale addresses the health benefits of an adjustable base. And the final segment includes topic such as closing techniques and closing questions, official said.

RSA Training Series Availability

Segment can be viewed on YouTube and in smaller “bite-sized” clips on Ergomotion’s Facebook page.

In addition, the audio portions will be available as podcasts on iTunes and SoundCloud, and a blog post will provide a recap of the episode and the embedded YouTube video.

“We’re making our training available in a variety of digital formats to give busy RSAs the opportunity to watch and listen at their convenience on a variety of devices,” said Griggs.

Ergomotion also has created a private Facebook group for sales associates, store managers, and store owners. Access can be requested through Ergomotion’s Facebook page or by completing a form at

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