Smart & Adjustable Recovery System

ErgoSportive™ is a premium Smart & Adjustable Recovery system that combines smart technology and sophistication to bring active individuals 24/7 health data. With Garmin® watch connectivity, you can track sleep performance to improve recovery and optimize exercise outputs.

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Dial-in results.

Track your sleep, the 24h BMR calories, stress levels, and get a body battery score at the end of each day with the ErgoSportive™ app. And at night, seamlessly integrate with Spotify and your favorite meditation apps and program the ultimate bedtime recovery routine.

Your Smart Sleep

At Ergomotion, we are transforming the bedroom into the foundation of holistic wellness with digital integration at the forefront of everything we do. With an increasing demand for smart home connectivity and responsive wearable sensor technology, we have focused our efforts on developing AI-inspired advancements that help customers find greater sleep health and well-being, right at home.

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