Frequently Asked Questions

For additional questions please call a Customer Service Representative at 1-888-550-Ergo (3746)
Wellness Retreats FAQ
Q:How does the Adjustable fit into the Bed Frame?

Each Wellness Retreat ships in 3 boxes, the Headboard, the Shroud and the Adjustable Base. The Adjustable Base fits seamlessly within the Bed Frame on top of the metal slats and bolts securely in place to the cross beams.

Q:How do you attach the headboard to the shroud?

Each Wellness Retreat will ship with a custom Set Up Guide. The Set Up Guide will provide step-by-step instructions as to how the 3 shroud pieces attach to the headboard with corner brackets.

Q:Why is the construction of the Rewind by Simone Micheli Wellness Retreat different from the other 3 Wellness Retreats?

Simone Micheli purposely designed the Rewind Wellness Retreat to have a modern, sleek profile. The Rewind bed frame comes with 4 shroud pieces that are held together by corner brackets. He intentionally created a single velcro cover in order for the shroud to look seamless. The headboard slides over the 4th shroud piece to optimize the beauty of the design.

Quest Adjustable Bases FAQ
Q:Are there additional leg options for my Ergomotion base?

Yes. We currently offer a variety of black powder coated and stainless steel legs*. We also offer 3″, 5″ and 9″ casters.

*Headboard brackets are NOT compatible with 2″ legs. Please call your Customer Service Representative at 1-888-550-ERGO (3746) for further assistance.

Q:Can I attach my headboard to my Ergomotion base?

Yes. There are headboard brackets made specific for each Ergomotion model. Please call your Customer Service Representative at 1-888-550-ERGO (3746) for further assistance.

Q:How can I order replacement parts under warranty?

All warranty claims are processed by Ergomotion Customer Service. In order to start your claim, please call a representative at 1-888-550-ERGO (3746).

Please have your bed base serial number (located on your warranty card, owner’s manual, and the metal frame for your convenience) and proof of purchase readily available for assistance.

A Customer Service Representative can also be contacted via Contact Us

Q:Is there a weight limit for Ergomotion bases?

Although your Ergomotion base has been rigorously tested, to maintain the highest quality standards, exceeding the recommended weight limits may void your warranty. This product is not rated to support weights in the excess of these amounts inclusive of the mattress and bedding. The base will structurally support his weight, provided it is evenly distributed across the bed base. The adjustable base is not designed to support of lift this amount in the head or foot sections alone.