Ergonomic simplicity, driven by smart innovation

As the leading pioneer in adjustable base technology, our name is world-renowned for exceptional product quality and shockingly-simple ergonomic design. This has allowed us to become the largest supplier and OEM manufacturer of adjustable bases worldwide, with momentum to grow into new regions. Our engineers and design team continue to work with new, innovative partners and retailers to develop the latest advancements in sleep wellness technology.

Our founder story

Our founder’s story

In 2005, our founder Alain Clénet invented the first adjustable bed base at his home in Santa Ynez, CA. Having previously founded Clénet Coachworks Inc. – a designer and manufacturer of limited-edition neoclassic automobiles – Clénet’s track record of creating stylish, luxury products was long-established. Within a year of developing his adjustable bed base prototype, Alain and his son Kelly Clenet started Ergomotion.

Today, his inventive vision is a reality with nearly 10 million Ergomotion products having sold across more than 30 countries worldwide. Ergomotion is led by President and CEO Jack Tang – a member of Keeson Technology Corporation Ltd. based in Jiaxing, China. Tang, along with his global team, has grown Ergomotion’s brand while propelling Alain Clénet’s tenets of innovation, quality, and collaboration into the future.

Our unique design philosophy

At Ergomotion, we are driven by innovation and a human-centered approach to health, wellness, and technology. We build products that encourage a lifestyle change – one that puts the bedroom at the center of holistic wellness and a healthier smart home ecosystem.

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Inspired by founder Alain Clenet’s creative vision and inventive genius

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Driven by a global design team based in Santa Barbara


Motivated by more than 500 patents across more than 15 countries

Our growth, patent by patent

We are driven to enhance health and wellness through creative design. In the process, we have developed dozens of unique product patents and engineering solutions that allow us to continue designing the future of sleep.

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