April 16, 2021

Sleep Gets Smarter with Ergomotion’s Quest Connect: The First Fully Automated Sleep Solution to Feature Smart Home Technology

The adjustable bed becomes the epicenter of the future connected home experience with smart-sleep commands, restorative wake automation and life enhancing technology.

(Santa Barbara, Calif.)– Imagine a future where your bed instructs your coffee maker to automatically begin brewing at the first sign of waking, before instructing your shower to begin warming, and while signaling the window blinds to open slightly – all as you softly rise from a restful night’s sleep. Ergomotion, the global leader of adjustable bed base design and manufacturing, is making this wellness dream a reality with the introduction of Quest Connect®, a new line of smart bed bases that combine corresponding connections with smart home technology to provide an endless array of home automation possibilities.

The 2021 CES Editor’s Choice Award from USA TODAY, Quest Connect® line will be unveiled at this year’s Las Vegas Winter Market, the leading trade event for furniture, gift, home décor and apparel industries. Ergomotion will provide a hybrid show experience that includes both in-person and virtual product demonstrations that seek to establish the bedroom as the future center of the connected home experience.

Quest Connect is available in Twin, Queen and King sizes, with Universal Smart Home Connected Bed App, featuring the following:

  • Quick access remote and custom presets
  • Rise to Wake Features, including a silent alarm that slowly raises the head of the bed in the morning
  • Anti-snoring technology, the Quiet Nite app, built-in
  • Cloud-based, smart home automation features via IFTTT applets

“Ergomotion is creating remarkable products that align with the new era of technology, one that will allow the adjustable bed base category to rise to the occasion and allow consumers to experience sleep inspired by technology,” says Johnny Griggs, Chief Operating Officer at Ergomotion. “Not only are our adjustable bed bases the ultimate sleep technology solution, but the products are designed for smart home connectivity, providing both convenience and efficiencies from the moment we wake.”

Ergomotion’s smart beds meet consumers where they are in their adoption of smart home technology to enhance everyday wellness. The cloud-based automation options are limited only by the imagination, so the future connected home enhances sleep and allows waking hours to be more productive.

“Cloud-based automation is evolving daily, and the smart home platform is designed to advance in parallel,” says Jason Timmons, Director of Technology at Ergomotion. “We believe this may be the most important sleep technology developed in the past twenty years, and it has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the future connected home in a dramatic manner.”

You can learn more about Ergomotion at www.ergomotion.com.

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