Post-Sales Support

At Ergomotion, we provide our partners and retailers with technical self-help resources to get the information distributed quickly for everyday use. This includes everything from specs to install information, FAQs, and troubleshooting.

Business retailers & sales

Once you become an Ergomotion Partner, our sales staff performs an on-site product training course tailored to help each retailer meet their goals. We cover in-depth product details and teach showroom staff how Ergomotion enhances a customer’s lifestyle and well-being.

Learn more about sales training and onboarding at Ergomtion University:

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Private label

For most major mattress brands, Ergomotion is the perfect partner for creating their own line of adjustable base product integrations. Whether you’re looking to refresh your existing adjustable base product offerings or develop a new line of products using our latest smart home and sensor technology, we have a wide variety of digital-first products that will take your sleep solution brand to the next level.

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Expert technical support:

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