Sleep wellness starts with Ergomotion

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Sleep wellness starts with Ergomotion mobile

Adjustable base solutions

We believe a bedroom should be a revitalizing sanctuary, a place that restores mental and physical health through transformative sleep. Our lineup of sensible and innovative adjustable base products helps people do just that, and at an attractive price point for every consumer.

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Dawn House

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This unique product elevates the active lifestyle, helping individuals feel unhindered by age with a smart product design and digital framework. Dawn House helps consumers fall asleep faster – and sleep more soundly – creating an essential health and wellness solution that recharges the soul.

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A performance-driven Adjustable Recovery system that combines smart technology and sophistication to bring active individuals 24/7 health data. With Garmin® watch connectivity, consumers can finally track sleep performance accurately in real-time, improving recovery times and optimizing exercise output.

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