Restorative adjustable base technology

From concept to design and product development, Ergomotion adjustable bases are purpose-built to address unique wellness needs. Through extensive product testing, customer feedback, and continued research, we’re constantly refining our restorative sleep solutions while developing new products and innovations that answer the demand for elevated wellness experiences.

Adjustable Base Benefits mobile
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Essential health benefits everyone wants

An adjustable base is more than just a convenience tool, it’s a tested and proven solution to improving sleep health. At the core, our products offer customers pressure relief across all parts of the body – helping them find a sleep position that’s best for their unique needs. Whether they’re suffering from joint pain, back pain, or looking to experience a weightless, zero-gravity night’s rest, Ergomotion enables them to experience deeper sleep and higher-quality recovery.

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Transforming the way we relax

An Ergomotion adjustable base is not limited to enhancing health and wellness but offers world-class luxury as well. Each adjustable base is designed to deliver exceptional comfort, elevated sleep performance, and a rich sense of relaxation for every customer. Our adjustable bases allow people to customize the position of their beds to meet every desire – optimizing sleep, meditation, reading, time alone, time with kids, and time streaming the latest episode of that show we all love.

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Adjust to amazing

It’s time to live a lifestyle unrestrained by limits and conformity. With an Ergomotion adjustable base, customers can finally break free from traditional pain points of sleep with a restorative solution, adjusted specifically to their needs. Night after night, they get the luxury of customized relaxation with unique features and presets designed to elevate their wellness goals.