Ergomotion Adjustable Base Features

Explore the extensive product features that make each Ergomotion adjustable base unique and transformative for sleep wellness.

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Advanced comfort & meditation

Our adjustable base products provide unmatched wellness technology for top relaxation and health management. Below you’ll find our most popular features that can come standard in most Ergomotion products.


Customers can elevate head and feet to reduce snoring and relieve tension in lower back and joints.


Customers can elevate head and feet to reduce snoring and relieve tension in lower back and joints.


Customers can elevate head and feet to reduce snoring and relieve tension in lower back and joints.


Customers can elevate head and feet to reduce snoring and relieve tension in lower back and joints.

Connected bed smart home integrations

Our customers asked us to develop the first smart-home-integrated adjustable base, and we delivered. Along the way, we created proprietary presets of our own that customers can pair with their favorite smart home automations.

Rise-to-Wake Automation

Customers can now replace their alarm clock with an integrated preset that wakes them naturally each morning.
Can be integrated with Hunter Douglas smart shades, smart home coffee makers, and more.

Quiet Nite Anti-snore

This function allows users to unlock enhanced sleep tracking that gently raises the bed when snoring occurs.
Can be integrated with smart home thermostats that cool the room when customers are tossing & turning

Connected Bed App – Coming Soon!

This app allows customers to finally complete their smart home automation ecosystem using IFTTT integrations.
More than 700 smart home integrations can now be paired with adjustable base wellness technology.

Convenient commands & presets

We didn’t stop at health and wellness paired with smart home automations, we created seamless integrations for convenience that make relaxing with an Ergomotion product… more relaxing.

Hello Ergo Voice Command

Customers speak to a coaster-sized device to activate their favorite bed settings and presets.

Wireless Device Charger

The Hello Ergo voice command puck doubles as a wireless charger for smartphones and tablets

Under-bed Smart Lighting

Automated soft LED lights guide individuals out of bed when the bedroom is dark.

Gravity release

Comfort & control with the click of a button

Modern and stylish remotes with up to 19 buttons offer a one-click experience for any function or preset. Whether athletes have a recovery setting for elevating their legs, or acid-reflux customers have a go-to headrest angle, each preset and massage function can be programmed within seconds.

Works with any bedroom dimensions

We’ve designed each adjustable base to accommodate popular bedframes and bedroom styles so customers don’t have to adjust or remove their existing setup.

Zero Clearance

Additional smart designs

With over two decades of product research and testing, we’ve developed the most efficient and innovative adjustable base technology on the market. From how the beds operate to how they’re designed to ship, we’ve created sustainable products that are built to last and built to satisfy a wide variety of needs.

dual usb
Dual USB Ports

Dual USB Ports

Our sleek designs allow customers to charge their devices while keeping cords tucked away.

draw icon
Zero Standby Power System

Zero Standby Power System

Energy-efficient technology helps users reduce utility bills and environmental footprint.

Power Outage Protection

Power Outage Protection

If power is lost, users can bring the base to a flat position by pressing the button on the power-down box under the base.

Asset 19 - foldable
Foldable & Courier Friendly

Foldable & Courier Friendly

Each adjustable base is foldable for easy delivery, easy setup, and easy storage.

Ships Faster

Ships Faster

Each bed meets U.S. courier shipping standards to eliminate the need for scheduled deliveries.

Asset 32 - headboard brackets
Headboard Brackets

Headboard Brackets

Connect any Ergomotion adjustable base to popular headboards with our integrated bracket mounts that offer a polished look to complement your decor.

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*Features vary depending on model


Adjustable Base Benefits

Ergomotion adjustable bases allow people to customize the position of their beds to meet every desire – optimizing sleep, meditation, reading, and so much more.

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