Restorative adjustable base technology

From concept to design and product development, our adjustable bed bases are purpose-built for unique wellness needs. Through extensive product testing, customer feedback, and continued research, we’re constantly refining our restorative sleep solutions while developing new products and innovations that answer the demand for elevated wellness experiences.

Rio Series

Rio Series

From the award-winning Rio Series product line, Ergomotion introduces The Rio Series – a wood deck offering for retailers who want shorter lead times from our North American warehouses. The line is designed to complement a wide range of feature combinations, customer segmentations, price points, and customizable brand integrations.

  • Wood deck adjustable base product line with six unique models
  • Features include Head Articulation, Zero Clearance, Wireless Remote with late-stage customizable laser-engraved logos, Foldable for Easy Storage, and Courier-friendly Foldability.
  • Other features include Ergomotion’s famous Zero-G® Preset Position, Underbed Lighting, Self Head Tilt, Dual Massage, and more.
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Dawn House

Partner product

The Dawn House Bed combines safety and convenience features with our Non-contact Health Sensor Technology. This technology measures vital health indicators (respiration, heart rate, snoring, etc.) to make real-time adjustments while sleeping, and to report back overall sleep performance. This data can be shared with family through the Dawn House app, assuring loved ones of progress while flagging any potential concerns. Additionally, product features can be controlled via voice control, remote control, or through the mobile app.

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Partner product

A performance-driven Adjustable Recovery system that combines smart technology and sophistication to bring active individuals 24/7 health data. With Garmin® watch connectivity, consumers can finally track sleep performance accurately in real-time, improving recovery times while optimizing exercise output.

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The ErgoSportive integrated Non-contact Health Sensor provides users with 24/7 customized data for ultimate recovery, exercise output, and sleep health by tracking:

  • Calories burned while asleep and awake
  • Stress & fatigue levels
  • Recovery index & body battery
  • Heart rate: Minimum and maximum daily average, resting
  • Respiratory rate: Minimum and maximum daily average
  • Snoring: Minimum and maximum daily average