Available only from Ergomotion, Motion Bedroom Furniture is an entirely new category of products that brings together two of consumers’ most-desired furniture traits: living room motion and bed adjustability—and puts them into an easy-to-sell revenue growth package for furniture retailers.
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Motion Bedroom Furniture brings motion to any bed with an advanced and unique design that invisibly maintains the beauty of the bedroom set while solving the height problem. No existing adjustable bed base does both!

How much can Motion Bedroom Furniture increase attachment rates and total sales?

Adding Motion Bedroom Furniture can add $1000 to 10-30% of Bedroom Sales!  For example:

5 Bedroom Sets on display


ADD MOTION ($1000) TO 10% OF SALES: 3 x $1000 = +$3000
ADD MOTION ($1000) TO 30% OF SALES: 10 x $1000 = +$10,000
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Motion Bedroom Furniture maximizes the profitability potential of retailers’ bedroom vignettes, with no changes or additions to floor space, an easy associate up sell, minimal investment, reduced logistics costs, and proven growth performance.

How can Motion Bedroom Furniture benefit retailers and their customers?

Motion Bedroom Furniture can put your profits in motion. It’s a win-win for retailers and consumers alike!

  • Higher RSA close rate
  • Consumers want motion products – Fastest growing category
  • Customized solution for customers – any bedroom set they want
  • Only Motion Bedroom Furniture solves the height problem and keeps the beauty of the bedroom set
  • Provides retailers with an additional sales opportunity for existing bedroom set customers

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How should retailers implement Motion Bedroom Furniture?

  • No change in bedroom vignette setup–keep what you have on the floor
  • No additional floor space needed
  • Fits invisibly between existing base and mattress
  • Offers ability to re-target recent bedroom customers
  • Negligible Associate training and easy up sell

Motion Bedroom Furniture.TM This Changes Everything.

Now furniture retailers can put their bedroom vignettes – and their profits – in motion by making any bed an adjustable bed with the Element. Barely the height of business card, the Element is one of the slimmest and the finest adjustable base on the market. Designed to integrate seamlessly into existing bedroom furniture and elegant enough to stand on its own – the Element will take your attachment rates and sales to the next level.

Download the Motion Bedroom Furniture Brochure

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