Are You Losing Money on Your Bedroom Displays?

Without Motion Bedroom Furniture, retail bedroom displays may not be contributing all they can to a furniture store’s bottom line! See how to improve your profitability with Ergomotion’s new product category, Motion Bedroom Furniture, and stop losing money!

Motion Bedroom Furniture is much more than just an adjustable bed base. Motion bedroom furniture brings the furniture motion features that consumers highly desire into the bedroom without changing the aesthetic of the bedroom set. Now motion can be brought to virtually any base!

Retailers can obtain a FREE Bedroom Vignette Profitability Analysis from Ergomotion, showing them how to:

  • Increase Bedroom Set Profitability Up To 20% – or More!
  • Increase Attachment Rate Up To 25% – or More!
  • Lower Logistics Cost by Up To 10% – or More!

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