Faster, Sleeker, Sportier, and More Fun!

Sport Motion Bases are an innovative new category of products designed to bring the functionality and comfort of adjustable beds to the next generation of users in a sleeker, lighter, leaner, and faster-to-install-and-enjoy product.

Sport Motion Bed Base UPS

Sport Motion Bases are easily transportable in most compact vehicles. Sport Motion Bases are DIY user-assembled, cash-and-carry, or UPS-deliverable and include highly desired adjustable base comfort and functionality features.

Sport Motion Bases are a base-in-a-box, easy lift and transport solution designed for active, independent, and do it themselves users.

Ergomotion Sport Motion bases are available in the US and internationally. Exact product configuration and features may vary by region. Feature sets vary by product level. Contact Ergomotion for details.

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Wireless Remote
Head and Foot Controls
Zero G and Flat Presets
2 Programable Presets


Zero Standby Power System
Power Outage Protection
Silent Drive Motors
Gravity Release
Bump Guard


Take it home, set it up, sleep on it tonight

The Leaf is a lightweight, easily transportable, easily shippable Sport Motion base that packs in a single box and can replace a bed frame. The Leaf features a flat-pack system with components nested inside the frame and platform and can be assembled in less than 30 minutes.

Designed and engineered to pack in one small box, The Leaf is easy to transport in the back of most compact vehicles for quick cash-and-carry transactions.

The Leaf is ideal for traditional department retail stores as a cash-and-carry item, as well as big box retailers and e-commerce retailers. The Leaf is available in the US and internationally.


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