Designing the Future of Sleep

At Ergomotion, promoting wellness has always been our goal. And with our certified adjustable bed base, we are uniquely positioned to help you build a sleep future that’s reliable, affordable, and innovative. With increasing demand for smart technology integrations, we have focused our efforts on developing AI advancements that help customers find greater well-being right at home.


Make Quest the Center of Every Home

Ergomotion Ergomotion

Our Quest adjustable bed bases, including the award-winning Quest 2.5, offer a solution to address every sleep-health need. Furthermore, Quest Connect puts the bed at the center of it all with Smart Home integrations. Our Connected Bed App lets users design automation that utilizes multiple devices to create their ideal wellness ecosystem. Give your customers a new pathway to incorporate wellness into their lives with Ergomotion’s integrated sleep tech.

Ergomotion Ergomotion

Enroll in Ergomotion University

Ergomotion Ergomotion

Through Ergomotion University, our Learning and Development Team provides retailers and sales associates with an in-depth understanding of the ways our revitalizing technology can transform a customer’s sleep health.
These online and in-person training sessions are another way that Ergomotion offers support.

Ergomotion Ergomotion

Experience Our Revolutionary Sensor Technology

Visitors to our showroom are invited to try the revolutionary technology inside Ergomotion’s adjustable bases. As you relax, our well-tech sensors monitor your vital signs. By tracking your heart and respiration rate, this system allows customers to proactively address sleep issues and take control of their wellness journey.

Relax Wellness Retreat

Unwind in the nurturing sanctuary of the Relax Wellness Retreat. This luxury reinterpretation of the adjustable base category soothes the body, refreshes the mind, and rejuvenates the spirit. Customizable integrations with smart home platforms offer countless possibilities, like scheduling an alarm that lifts the curtains, raises the bed, and starts the coffee.

Restore Wellness Retreat

Enhance health and productivity in the interactive enclave of the Restore Wellness Retreat. This reinterpretation of the adjustable base category is designed to help striving to be the best versions of themselves. Smart Home connectivity allows for many automations, like turning down the lights for scheduled meditation time on the bed.

Rewind Wellness Retreat

Cultivate a mindful living experience in the Rewind Wellness Retreat. This reinterpretation of the adjustable base category embodies holistic wellness and modern design. Smart Home integrations offer new paths to wellness, like automatically turning on a calming music playlist when Zero G mode is activated.


Learn more about Summer Market 2021

We’ll be in Suite B1380 at the World Market Center Las Vegas. Contact our sales team to book your showroom appointment!