As a team of highly-skilled, creative professionals, we thrive in a well-organized, inspired environment. We push ourselves to be the best in every – role from our executives to our customer service center.

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Sales & Marketing

Johnny Griggs
Chief Operating Officer

Gui Peres
Director Global Sales

Paul Smith
VP of OEM Sales

Paris Fealy
VP of Sales

Kevin Fealy
Sr. Account Executive Furniture Channel East

Mike Jaspering
Account Executive Furniture Channel West

Robert Gellman
Director of Online Retail Sales

Chris Griggs
Account Manager Bedding Channel West

Fe Peres
Exec Asst Global Sales

Dainora Kontvainiene
Operations Manager–EU RS ME

Alex Freiria
Pacific Sales Director

Thiago Martins
Account Manager

Lena Jeong
Account Manager

Thomas Herrmann
Sales Manager Germany

Audra Klimantavičiūtė
Intl. Client Support Spec

Robert Liou
Training and Sales Acct Manager West

Murphy Mao
Account Manager

Deena Patel
Operations Support Specialist

Todd Stone
Director of Marketing

Marie Solis
Brand & MarComs Mngr

Nate Kroll-Goldschlag
Digital Marketing Specialist

Jason Cowen 
Director of Sales Training

Jason Gavilanes
Trainer West Coast

Andrea Godinez
Corporate Coordinator

Nuno Figueiredo
Sales Director Europe & Middle East

Joana Gedvygaite
Account Manager Europe


Kyle Muench, CSCP
VP Operations

Harry Hou
Chief Financial Officer

Shae Gentry
Director of Supply Chain

Emily Hanson
Purchasing/Logistics Mngr

Karina Munoz
Intl Logistics Coordinator

Christie L Fox
Domestic Logistics Coordinator

Alfredo de Leon III
Fulfillment Coordinator

Angela Maddox
Customs Compliance Supervisor

Skylar Greene
Fulfillment Coordinator

David Tovar
Domestic Purchasing Coordinator

Josiah Leyva
Domestic Logistics Coordinator

Anthony Ermalovich
Project Manager

Cecilia Uribe
Domestic Logistics Coordinator

John Medina
Fulfillment Coordinator

Sunny LaLone
ERP Accountant

Stella Fang

Chris Yang
Finance Supervisor

Sue Cai
Senior Accountant

Patricia Cooper
Director of Human Resources

Jason Timmons
IT Manager

Sean McClure
Senior Accountant

Product Development

Joshua Druia
Director of Product

Ryan Fragale
Product Manager

Joseph Padilla
Product Administrator

Matthew Fissette
Project Engineer

Joshua Malouf
Product Specialist

Joseph Ermalovich
Director of Product Development

Damien Clenet
Creative Director

Ben Harding
Mechanical Engineer

Carli Hill
Industrial Designer

Blake Pettit
Global Quality Assurance Manager

Lauren Bowlin
Production Artist

Customer Service

Nik Patel
Director of Business Development

Claudia Perales
Customer Service Manager

Daniel Velez
Customer Service Rep

Victor Carranza
Customer Service Rep

Gretchen Garlejo
Customer Service Rep

Jamar Mass
Customer Service Rep

Michael Gavilanes
Customer Service Rep

Anthony Gavilanes
Customer Service Rep

Yanette Ramirez
Customer Service Rep

Alex Ortega
Customer Service Rep

Jesse Ildefonse
Customer Service Rep

Brenda Cervantes
Customer Service Rep

Estefany Can
Customer Service Rep

Victor Carranza
Customer Service Rep