Wireless Remote
Head & Foot Controls
One Touch Flat Presets
Zero Clearance
USB Convenient
Extension Deck
3-in-1 Leg Option


Zero Standby Power System
Power Outage Protection
Silent Drive Motors
Gravity Release


Contour Pure Slim – Extension Deck Technology in its purest form

Like its “big brother” the Contour, the Contour Pure Slim base is an Active Motion Bases using proprietary Extension Deck technology to actively optimize the shape of the mattress when in an elevated position, relieving compression and allowing users to rest more naturally and comfortably. Only the Pure Slim, as the name implies, provides essential comfort in a thinner form factor.
As the head section of the Contour Pure Slim raises, the platform extends, moving towards the wall, allowing the mattress to contour to the angle of the base and reducing any bridging or compression of the mattress. Less compression of the mattress means less compression on the user’s midsection, resulting in a level of comfort well beyond that of ordinary adjustable bases.

Contour Pure Slim bases are aesthetically designed to highlight the separating panels in a minimal but thoughtful fashion. Available with Ergomotion’s standard array of features, these bases offer a select feature set containing the essentials in comfort.  Contour Pure Slim bases are a unique and differentiating addition to bedding and bedroom displays.

Contour Pure Slim bases are available in the US and internationally. Exact product configuration and features may vary by region. Feature sets vary by product level.
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